Depending on your needs, I will develop a 6 week beginners or intermediate course.

My courses are suitable for all abilities, so from complete beginners to those wanting to refresh their practice and advance too.

I like to offer a yin/yang style practice when working in a corporate environment.  The yang/more energising part of the practice shifting the energy then the yin/more restorative to give time to really stretch and relax.


I am experienced in delivering meditations to various work places.

These tend to be during the working day, for example x3 20 min sessions for small groups of employees giving them time away from their desk to create space in order to continue their day.  

Yoga in the workplace is proven to improve employee health and I have witnessed this first hand with the students I teach.

  • It boosts productivity and energy levels.

  • Manages and lowers stress levels.

  • It will help soothe desk bound aches and pains

  • Enhances employee well being.

Whatever your needs, whether its an early morning class to kick start the day, a shorter lunchtime flow to energise mid day, or an ideal end to a busy day. Classes can be customised to suit the needs of the company and your employees.


Please get in touch for a quote. I am happy to come and meet you and discuss more in detail about the needs of your staff.